Audio Meditations

The following meditations are for use with the book Discovering the Treasure Within. They are licensed for use by groups and individuals using the book to deepen their spiritual practices. The meditations posted here are the same as those that were on the CD when the book came with one.

Meditation 1-The Water of Life

Meditation 2-The Wonderful Cube

Meditation 3-An Encounter with Christ the Youth

Meditation 4-Two Meditations on Christ the Hero

Meditation 5-The Tree of Life

Meditation 6-The Transformation

Meditation 7-Meeting the Risen Savior on the Beach

Meditation 8-Joy and Clarity of the Glorified Bodies

Meditation 9-Force and Agility of the Glorified Bodies

Meditation 10-The Heart’s Deepest Desire

Meditation 11-The Soul’s Garden

Meditation 12-Six Moments with Christ