Discovering  the Treasure Within

by R. Carroll Travis

Each chapter includes:

  • a narrative metaphor announcing  themes, scripture expositions, classic icons
  • meditations with music, and reflections with journaling material for individuals and small groups.

Though the book is organized around the life cycle, participants are invited to engage with whatever phase of the archetypal themes seems to be compelling now.




Introduction   “Fully Alive Now” –  invites deep engagement, and provides basic journaling experience

1.“The Primal Egg” – the struggle to accept, hatch and express new life

2. “The Womb & the Divine Child”  – discerning and nurturing “the heart’s desire”

3. “The Youth – Transition & Engagement”  – dealing with identity issues whenever they may present themselves

4. “The Young Adult – Masks & Testing”  – developing self awareness and a healthy conscience

5.  “The Adult Power to Hold & Lead”  – entering the depths with Christ

6. “The Adult Wholeness & Healing”  – enabling varied personalities to know spiritual transformation

7. “The Couple”  – growing in intimacy by loving “the Other”

8.  “The Elder Maturing & Homecoming”  – moving to complete and expand life’s circle

9.  “Dreams & the Spiritual Archetypes”  – working with emerging issues and  powerful, inner imagery

10. “Afterward” –  assumptions, history and rationale. Also includes a Select Bibliography


The accompanying CD-ROM contains:

  • Twelve guided audio meditations with music
  • Twenty-four color images of the book’s illustrations
  • Detailed plans for a five week introductory, seasonal series using parts of the book


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