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The Reverend Carroll Travis, an Episcopal priest, has served over forty years in five parishes. As pastor and spiritual director, he conducts conferences, quiet days, and retreats; he specializes in the overlapping areas of spiritual development and psychotherapy. Fr. Travis holds a Master’s Degree in couples and family therapy, and studied at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

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  1. Father Carroll,
    I workshop at COOS today was excellent. Forgive me if my choice of words about your book seemed off. Slugging was probably not the best choice of words. Struggling maybe better but only because of where I am at in my journey… Struggling seems to be the fight but the workshop helped me know I am on the right track and I know the book will assist in taking what we learned today and bring it into each new day. Again thank you, Darlene Armstrong

    1. Hi Darlene,
      Not many use my book of resources privately, only those like you who are skilled in the practice of journaling. Working in a small group or with a spiritual mentor could well smooth out the struggle…Many blessings, Carroll+

  2. Father Carroll,
    I loved your recent article about Advent! Your words were like a soft veil, covering the noise of Jingle Bells! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with those of us who are in need of the quiet and peaceful times of our Liturgical year!

  3. Good morning Carroll,
    Enjoyed reading your book -interesting and helpful !
    Teaching me how the mind works and to believe in myself with no boundaries and miracles will happen.
    Angels All Around You Always

  4. I think “believe in yourself” for the Christian means, finding your true self within, “Christ in me, the hope of glory” as St. Paul puts it. Hard to find words for this, isn’t it Jeanette?

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